Gripflex suction hoses up to +1100 °C

Gripflex 300

Gripflex 300 up to +300 °C, special coated high temperature fabric

Gripflex 400

Gripflex 400 up to +400 °C, special coated glass fibre fabric

Gripflex 550

Gripflex 550 up to +550 °C, outside: special coated glass fibre fabric, inside: raw glass fibre fabric

Gripflex 650

Gripflex 650 up to +650 °C, 2-ply special coated glass fibre fabric, reinforced by woven in stainless steel wire

Gripflex 1100

Gripflex 1100 up to +1100 °C, 3-ply, high temp. textile insulating, high heat resistant stainl. steel mesh